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We want you to love your House of Fluff purchase! If for some reason you dont, you may return an item within 14 days of receiving your order. Please note that any returned items must be received in new, unused and unaltered condition with the original tags attached and accompanied by the original invoice, RMA number and original packaging.



To submit a Return Request, please email with your order number & item(s) you wish to return. 


What items are refundable?

We accept returned items within 14 days of order receipt that are in original condition, original packaging, unwashed, unworn, unaltered and with tags attached.

    What items are non-refundable?

    E-Gift Cards

        Are there any charges for return?

        For all orders shipped within the US, the shipping cost to return your item(s) is complimentary and a pre-paid shipping label will be included with your order. For all orders shipped outside of the US, you are responsible for the return shipping cost.

          How soon will I get my refund?

          Once your return is received and inspected, we will notify you when your returned item has been received, and as soon as your refund is processed. Please allow 1-3 business days for processing once your item is received. Refunds will be issued in the original method of payment. Credit card processing times will vary, so please contact them directly to inquire about your credit.

              Can I return an item that I received as a gift?

              We are happy to make return arrangements for any item received as a gift. Store credit will be issued to any returned gift items via e-gift card. To make arrangements to return items received as a gift, please contact us at:


                If you want to exchange any item for any reason you must first return it to us using the simple steps above and then re-purchase the item as desired.


                SIZE & FIT 

                We think everyone likes to wear their clothes a little differently especially when it comes to outerwear. For that reason we have chosen to size our products small/medium and medium/large. See our recommended size guidelines below. Additional sizes are possible by special order please email us at for more information.

                Small / Medium is recommended for USA sizes 2-6,European sizes 32-36 and UK sizes 6-10.
                Medium /Large is recommended for USA sizes 8-12, European sizes 38-44 and UK sizes 12-16.

                    GARMENT CARE 

                    How do I care for my faux fur?

                    Our faux furs are easy to care for. Upon arrival,If our fur feels flat from being packed in a shipping box we suggest you take your fur out of it’s garment bag and giving it a good shake before wearing. We also suggest combing or brushing your fur with any pet brush before wearing. To re-pack your fur for shipping or travel we suggest you turn it inside out, so the lining faces the outside, then just pack normally it in a box or suitcase, our furs do not wrinkle if cared for properly.

                    How do I clean my faux fur?

                    We suggest dry cleaning your fur with a green dry cleaner.

                    Does faux fur shed?

                    We have experienced only minimal shedding from our longer haired furs.This shedding can be minimized by giving your fur a good combing with any pet brush or comb before wearing.

                    How do I store my faux fur?

                    We suggest storing your fur in a cold dry place. You can re-use the fabric garment bag your fur came in for storage, it should help protect your coat from dust and keep it fresh for the following season.

                    What if my fur gets wet?

                    If you should get caught in a rain storm simply shake out your fur, put it in a hanger and let it dry naturally. After its dry if the fur seems flat just give it a quick once over with a medium to cool blow dryer.

                    What of I get a stain or spot on my fur?

                    For spot cleaning we suggest first trying water or a damp cloth followed by a quick blow dry on medium to cool heat. If the stain persists we suggest dry cleaning.


                    FACTS ABOUT FAUX FUR

                    Is faux fur more harmful to the environment than real fur?  

                    Studies prove that although most faux fur does contain synthetic fibers, the toxic chemicals uninvolved in tanning and preserving real fur hides is far more toxic to humans and the environment. If you would like to learn more about this, we suggest you check the facts in this study at the Fur Free Alliance.

                    How warm is faux fur? 

                    Faux fur is as warm as real fur. Synthetic fur fibers trap heat as well as animals skins do with out the cruelty. For the warmest furs we suggest choosing a fur with the highest pile.

                    What makes our fur different?

                    We are a completely cruelty-free company, we use only the finest quality faux fur textiles which we develop ourselves in Italy or import form around the globe. All of fur products are made locally in a fair trade factory in New York City. We are actively working to become a zero waste company, to that end we re-purpose all left over fabric from the making of our coats and use them to create collectible plush characters we call Scrappy’s.


                    HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH US?

                    Email us at or chat with us M-F 9am-5pm EST.  


                    Thank You For Subscribing!