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FAQs: Garment Care

How do I care for my faux fur?

Our faux furs are easy to care for. Upon arrival, if our fur feels flat from being packed in a shipping box, we suggest you take your fur out of its garment bag and giving it a good shake before wearing. We also suggest combing or brushing your fur with any pet brush before wearing. To re-pack your fur for shipping or travel, we suggest you turn it inside out so the lining faces the outside, and then pack it normally in a box or suitcase. Our furs do not wrinkle if cared for properly.

How do I clean my faux fur?

We suggest dry cleaning your fur with a green dry cleaner.

Does faux fur shed?

We have experienced only minimal shedding from our longer haired furs. This shedding can be minimized by giving your fur a good combing with any pet brush or comb before wearing.

How do I store my faux fur?

We suggest storing your fur in a cold, dry place. You can re-use the fabric garment bag your fur came in for storage, as it should help protect your coat from dust and keep it fresh for the following season.

What if my fur gets wet?

If you should get caught in a rainstorm, simply shake out your fur, put it on a hanger, and let it dry naturally. After it’s dry, if the fur seems flat just give it a quick once over with a medium to cool blow dryer.

What if I get a stain or spot on my fur?

For spot cleaning we suggest first trying water or a damp cloth followed by a quick blow dry on medium to cool heat. If the stain persists we suggest dry cleaning.

Facts about FAUX FUR 

Is faux fur more harmful to the environment than real fur?

Studies prove that although most faux fur does contain synthetic fibers, the toxic chemicals involved in tanning and preserving real fur hides is far more toxic to humans and the environment. If you would like to learn more about this, we suggest you check the facts on this study at the Fur Free Alliance.

How warm is faux fur?

Faux fur is as warm as real fur. Synthetic fur fibers trap heat as well as animal skins do, but without the cruelty. For the warmest furs we suggest choosing a fur with the highest pile.

What makes our fur different?

We are a completely cruelty-free company, and we use only the finest quality faux fur textiles which we develop ourselves in Italy or import from around the globe. We are actively working to become a zero waste company, and to that end, we re-purpose all of our leftover fabric from the making of our coats and use them to create collectible plush characters we call Scrappys.


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