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We use only the finest faux fur textiles that we develop ourselves in Italy or source directly around the globe. We are not interested in passing trends. We make a luxury product that lasts for years and keeps you warm like real fur - but is 100% cruelty-free.

"You've likely seen a lot of faux fur coats...none of them will be as luxurious, carefully made, or environmentally friendly as House of Fluff's." - Vogue


Our brand concept is earth-friendly. We produce all of our products in New York City at a fair trade factory. We repurpose all of our excess fabric into sweatshirt designs or plush collectibles we call Scrappys. We take every opportunity to make the world a better place, which is why we partner with a women’s co-op in El Salvador to produce all our fabric garment and dust bags.


We consider the smallest details inside and out. Our products are lined in natural fabrics like cotton jersey and combined with French terry so they feel as soft and comfy on the inside as they do on the outside. We are actively partnering with renowned scientists to invent the most nontoxic textiles on the market.


We believe that together we can create a new moment in fashion, one that sees wearing animals as obsolete and caring for the planet as always in vogue. Our mission is to share love and style with everyone. We want to eliminate the decision between beauty and morality by crafting cruelty-free fashion products that make you feel as good on the inside as your look on the outside. These unique products will not only keep you warm but cool. We may be all about the ethics, but we also love style.



Kym Canter, CEO & Creative Director

The idea for the brand was born out of necessity. Like many women, I no longer felt comfortable or chic wearing real fur but could not find a luxurious and well crafted enough faux fur alternative. I have been in the fashion industry for over 20 years, first as a magazine editor, then as a stylist and most recently as a creative director at a luxury brand, I saw this as my chance to make a real difference. I sold all 26 of my own fur coats and vowed to create a brand that would not harm animals or the planet.

Alex Dymek, Design Director

I have always been a maker and a doer. My friends have always said I could take a scrap from the floor and turn it into couture. After years of working for a luxury brand known for making the finest furs in the world, I decided enough, time to give back. So here I am reversing my karma by taking everything I know about crafting luxury fur coats and applying it to cruelty-free materials.