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About Us

What We Do

House of Fluff is an ethical, faux-fur lifestyle fashion brand based in New York City. We believe in inventive design made from Earth-friendly materials that are produced locally in factories that pay a fair wage. We are dedicated to creating cruelty-free guilt-free high-fashion products that are affordable, beautiful, and comfortable.



Our mission is to share love and style with everyone by crafting cruelty-free fashion products we want to wear. 

We think of every House of Fluff product as a gigantic chic hug from us to you!


Our Process

We dye the majority of our products in natural solutions, using plant bark, berries, and flowers foraged locally and abroad. The result of this process means that no two items are exactly the same color, making everything we offer a bit more special.


Who We Are

Our team consists of friends and associates, many of whom worked together crafting luxury products for one of the most prestigious fashion houses on the planet. We are creative directors, design directors, fabric geeks, pattern makers, and interns who love to make cool stuff.

“After 20 years of working as a magazine editor, stylist, and creative director, I realized what I really wanted to do was build a fun, ethical, affordable fashion brand inspired by my love of luxury and everything plush. To fund my new venture I sold 26 of my favorite furs and vowed to never harm an animal or the environment while creating a brand that makes all the products I am dying to wear! It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the House of Fluff.”

—Kym Canter - CEO, Creative Director, obsessive shopper, and plushie


“I spent the last 15 years mastering the artisan craft of making furs and outerwear at J. Mendel and for my coterie of friends practicing the high art of Drag. I have often heard that my superpower is that I can take a scrap off the floor and turn into something of great desire. My new plan is to do just that, create the sickest and chicest ethical products on the planet from cruelty-free sustainable materials.”

Alex Dymek - Design Director and fashion fairy godmother